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At, we understand the architectural value

of lightweight and load-bearing fiberglass columns. With

this in mind, we have innovated the method in which our

fiberglass columns are crafted in order to provide you –

the Architect, the Builder, the Homeowner – with

magnificent column designs that will last.

Our classic fiberglass column designs, fused with the

innovative technology of today, allow for lighter weight

interior and exterior structures without sacrificing


Not only are our fiberglass columns low maintenance and

impervious to wet and dry rot, they may be customized

with a decorative capital to add sophistication and

character to any project.

Chadsworth's Fiberglass Columns come in several sizes

and may be cut or split to accommodate your project

specifications. Our Round or Square Fiberglass Columns

will certainly reveal architectural integrity and quality of design.


Chadsworth's Fiberglass Columns are top-of-the line. They are perfect for high-end custom projects - residential & commercial. Select from our wide selection of architectural fiberglass column designs.