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Chadsworth's Architectural Wood Columns are authentically
following the rigorous architectural guidelines for
columnar orders
from several master architects such as: 
William Chambers, Sebastiano Serlio, Giacomo Barozzi da
Vignola, Andrea Palladio, James Gibbs, Claude Perrault,
Vincenzo Scamozzi, and Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. 
can define the column shaft's entasis
, or leave it to us.
We have been duplicating original columns for 26 years & we
have also done extensive work in custom wood column designs.
  Just SEND US your drawing, and we will reproduce it in our
 custom wood column line.  We specialize in exact, classical wood
 column proportions to ensure you receive the most elegant and
 correct interior and exterior wood columns in the world.  Our
 wood column variations are limitless, as we are able to provide
 distinct wood column shapes from an assortment of wood
 species – including our popular Western Red Cedar material.
From Stain Grade to Architectural Grade.  Or Builders Grade to
 Custom Made – Chadsworth will help you achieve a unique look
 for your residential or commercial project.  Browse our wood
 column designs in every order of architecture to find the perfect
 wood columns for your new construction or home renovation.
  Chadsworth's wood columns are known for being the most

 What distinguishes Chadsworth's architectural wood columns from other companies, most importantly, is the expertise you will receive from our sales consultants. Each consultant is a trained classical professional who understand column proportions that are identical to the Greeks & Romans.  Custom wood columns are what Chadsworth Columns does best!

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