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For over two decades, Chadsworth has provided Architects,
Builders, Contractors and Homeowners alike with the most
elegant and structural interior and exterior columns.  We offer
the most refined architectural columns and decorative
columns for your home or commercial projects.   
Our award-winning PolyStone® Composite Fiberglass Columns
 represent the onset of genuine architectural design.  Because
of the load-bearing ability, weather resistance and unmatched
durability, it is no surprise Chadsworth's PolyStone® columns
provide a top tier product for both interior and exterior projects.
Chadsworth's Architectural Wood Columns are authentically
correct replications of the classic architectural column designs
that we see in ancient Greek and Roman times.  We offer you
correct column proportions that follow any of the available
 canonical systems from: Vitruvius, Serlio, Vignola, Palladio,
Scamozzi, Perrault, Gibbs, and Chambers.

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