From the moment we began our operations in 1987, we have thought of Chadsworth Incorporated as a team
of people working together to provide top-quality products and product-support services for our customers.
Our success is due to hiring bright, talented people who work well together toward this common goal.
When our products or services fail to meet our standards or our customers' standards, we expect our teams
to research the deficiency and to suggest alternatives.  Unsatisfactory results are rarely viewed as the entire
responsibility of one individual.  To make sure we all stay motivated and continue to develop creative ideas
important to the future of this company, we may change the way things are done or change certain duties of
a team member.  When we're proud of our work, we congratulate all the members of the team, not just one
person, for the excellent work.
Everything we do is a team effort.  Each person is expected to do his / her job well.  The support we give
each other and the excitement and enthusiasm we generate assures our slogan:
Our team philosophy has worked in the past, and we are certain it will continue to work in the future.
We are a company that has been successful in the past, is now successful, and will be successful in the future.
We are expanding, growing, and moving constantly to new and different challenges in the world of construction
and design products.  Equally important is our appreciation towards those who have become advocates of
Chadsworth products and also those who, in the future, support and work along Chadsworth Incorporated.