Click below for a printable PDF version of our Shipping Instructions.

Please Read Each Section Carefully – We will not be responsible if you fail to follow these items.

The freight line charges a C.O.D. collection fee of 4-6% of the total balance due with a minimum fee of $35.00.

Please immediately remit your balance to P.O. Box 2618, Historic Wilmington, North Carolina 28402 in order to retain
your significant freight discount and to avoid the C.O.D. fee

Should you choose to ship your order C.O.D., a certified check is required for all C.O.D. balances.


On any stock order large enough for Chadsworth to pay the freight, C.O.D.’s are not allowed.



The carrier is only required to move freight to the back of the truck; you will be responsible for unloading.
If you need further help, please ask us about inside delivery.


For ― Commercial Delivery ‖  The freight lines will only notify you upon request, typically a $25 charge. We will notify
you of your tracking information and provide you with the carriers contact information after your order has shipped.


For  Residential Delivery ‖  Once your order has been shipped, the freight company should contact you by
telephone to arrange for delivery.

Sometimes, separate shipments are necessary when ordering multiple types of our product lines.



Upon delivery, ALL products must be opened and inspected.
Make sure the number of boxes/crates that is listed on the Bill of Lading is the same as the number that has arrived. 
A forklift or crane may be necessary to unload large columns or large quantities of columns. (Please adequately
prepare for unloading help.)

You should immediately dry-fit all component parts to ensure that you have received the correct products.
DO NOT install incorrect product.

If you have received components that do not fit each other, you should speak directly to your Chadsworth sales
consultant before moving forward with any installation.




If you did not receive the same number of boxes as listed on freight bill, note the number of missing boxes on the freight
bill.  Notify our sales office so that the new product can be sent out as quickly as possible. You must note that there
is missing freight on the freight bill or the freight line will not be held responsible for replacement costs.

Chadsworth is not responsible for freight lost during shipment.


Chadsworth cannot be responsible for loss or damage in transit.  If visible damage, refuse the damaged portion and
write on the freight bill:   Damaged goods in shipment- Return to Sender, note the number of damaged boxes or columns 
then sign it, and then call us.


Once the freight bill is signed with no noted damage, you have accepted the merchandise, and Chadsworth
cannot file a claim against the carrier.



Please immediately call the freight line and ask them to send an Inspector to inspect the damages.  You may file a claim to
either replace or repair the product. Please do not dispose of any damaged units or packing materials.   The freight line
will inform you of the necessary procedure for filing a claim.

You have 15 days to file a claim, but the sooner you file your claim—the smoother the process.


Columns, balustrades and railings should not be stored vertically. All products should be stored inside and protected from
the elements.  Do not store for long periods of time – just contact us and we will adjust your shipping date.


In the unlikely event that you feel it necessary to return a product to Chadsworth, it is important for you to contact your
Sales Consultant at once to receive the proper shipping instructions to avoid additional shipping charges.

Custom or altered product may not be returned. We have a 20% +/- restocking / cancellation fee.  Once the
freight bill is signed with no noted damage, you have accepted the merchandise, and Chadsworth
cannot file a claim against the carrier.

If the bill of lading is signed with no noted damage or missing items and you later file a claim, you will receive
the following letter from the freight carrier:

We have completed our investigation of your claim. Unfortunately, we must respectfully decline payment of your claim.

Our records indicate your shipment was delivered to the consignee without any notations of loss or damage on the
delivery receipt. It is the obligation of the consignee to count and examine the condition of the shipper’s containers
at the time of delivery. When the carrier is given a clear delivery receipt without any notation of loss or damage, it
is the responsibility of the claimant to provide evidence the loss or damage occurred in transit.  After examining
the evidence presented, we were unable to establish any liability on our part.

We regret any inconvenience this incident may have caused. Please contact us if we may be of further assistance.