Chadsworth Columns Goes Green with Premium Lyptus® Columns
Leading manufacturer / distributor unveils Brazilian hardwood pillars that save money and the environment.
WILMINGTON, N.C., July 13, 2009— For more than 20 years, Chadsworth Incorporated (
has come to stand for quality, craftsmanship and integrity of design. And now, the global manufacturer and distributor of
columns and related architectural products is at a new level of commitment with the unveiling of premium Lyptus® columns,
an eco-friendly product that’s an affordable alternative to cherry, jatoba, hickory or mahogany.
“When it comes to our industry and its role in environmental sustainability, Chadsworth strives to be part of the solution,”
says Jeffery L. Davis, founder and designer of Chadsworth Incorporated. “Lyptus® is a perfect example of innovation at its
best, and we’re honored to offer this to customers. Every day, we hear requests for green products. We’re responding with
a new hardwood column, made by a renewable resource that simultaneously meets our standards of quality, design and even
price. Given what’s happening to rainforests around the globe, this is not only exciting but important and timely.”
Lyptus® is a naturally occurring hybrid of Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla. It’s planted and grown among reintroduced
native species on plantation-style, managed forests in Brazil. It takes only 14 to 16 years to harvest the trees, compared to the
30 years it takes for other hardwoods to mature. These crop characteristics ensure a consistent quality and supply, keeping
prices competitive with other premium hardwoods.
Once harvested, Lyptus® demonstrates excellent workability, machining properties, density, finish tolerance and strength.
That means it’s ideal for columns and the very reason why Chadsworth has proudly adopted this cutting-edge hardwood
into its product line.  Available in stain grade, solid board, Chadsworth’s Lyptus® column shafts and staves come in most
standard sizes.
“What’s particularly noteworthy about Lyptus® is that it fits most building and architectural specifications, so it’s an easy,
durable fit,” Davis says. “We’ll explain product details with our customers, but we expect people to be pleased with just how
simple it will be to incorporate this eco-friendly hardwood into their plans.”

Columns are provided unassembled, sanded only. Freight charges are additional although discounts apply for orders over
four pieces. 
For more information, visit or call 800-486-2118.

About Chadsworth Incorporated:

Chadsworth Incorporated is the leading manufacturer and distributor of columns and architectural products, including
decorative capitals, pillars, pilasters and posts for worldwide delivery to architects, designers and homeowners. Founded
in 1987, the company has sold more than one million units to date and has shipping points in Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Utah,
North Carolina, Connecticut and Canada. Chadsworth Incorporated consists of three operating divisions: 1.800.COLUMNS,
a catalog distributor of fine architectural products; Chadsworth Columns, which has been manufacturing the most authentically
correct architectural columns in the industry for more than 20 years; and, an online distributor of a variety of
manufacturers' architectural products.