Garden Arbors by Chadsworth Columns:
Chadsworth's Arbors are made of both our Advanced Vinyl & Wood materials. We offer a myriad of design looks that are guaranteed to match the style of your outdoor space. The most architecturally beautiful garden structures are at your fingertips!
Home & Garden Vinyl Trellises by Chadsworth Columns:
Our Trellises are a great way to enhance the beauty of your garden or outdoor area. We offer a variety of trellis designs to best suit your architectural style. Great for outdoor wall accents with climbing vines & plants. Durable & low-maintenance.
Vinyl Porch Planter Boxes by Chadsworth Columns:
Chadsworth's Planter Boxes are the perfect addition to your porch, entryway & other outdoor spaces. Made from our Advanced Vinyl material, they have a clean look & are virtually maintenance-free. Select from our designs to match your style.
Vinyl Street Lamp Posts by Chadsworth Columns:
Our Advanced Vinyl Lamp Posts are a beautiful accent to your home or commercial project. They have a sleek look without the costs or maintenance worries of metal lamp posts. Select from our Lamp Post designs to match your style.